Love notes

We love hearing how Live A Lot superfood chocolate makes you feel and how it plays a part in your superhero lifestyle. Share your love notes and photos with us @livealotchocolate #livealot
Try all three bars and let us know which is your favorite! 


"Extraordinarily tasty chocolate that's actually healthy" - Mark

"Amazing healing chocolates" - Jessica

"Nothing like a piece of chocolate heaven to brighten my day" - Amy

"This chocolate bar is part of my self administered health insurance plan. It inspires my heart, mind and taste buds as they dance with instant bliss. I love how I feel like I entered a magical realm of healthy chocolate when eating chocolate from Live A Lot. So gooood! Thank you thank you thank you for existing and making healthy chocolate!" - Maddy

"I'm dying! They're so so good!" - Alex

"I received the chocolate today and just had a bite.  I purchase every kind and brand of dark chocolate whenever I have the chance--so I have tasted a lot.  Yours is by far the best I have ever had!  Not only the flavor but the texture/consistency are amazing.  And as if dark chocolate itself wasn't healthy enough--this has mushrooms also!  It needs to be on sale in every gourmet store!" - Cindy

"As a chocoholic I have my share of chocolate, and the Live A Lot's chocolate is at the top of my list. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it tastes clean, pure and simple with just the right amount of complexity to make my tastebuds do a happy dance. Not only that, but after eating a couple squares, I feel a pleasant boost in my mood, like a surge of oxytocin. Live A Lot knows how to make a body happy while nourishing it at the same time." - Aurore

"One bite is sufficient" - David

"Exploding with flavor" 

"I LOVE Live A Lot Chocolate. I have tried every premium brand out there and A Purified Life's not only tastes the best with its rich and creamy deep dark flavor, but it makes me feel amazing. As soon as I eat some, my body recognizes it as good medicine and feels soothed and healed. Really an incredible creation that I am so thankful to know about." - Jason

"My boyfriend and I have been enjoying them and they are everything I've been imagining and more! I've been dying to try these ever since Regina first posted about them, and they did not disappoint. My only regret is not getting the 22 pack so lesson learned for next time :)" - Randi

"Omg the chocolate was amazing! I'm going to order more ASAP" - Karina


"I tend to emotionally eat my sweets. The thing I love about Live A Lot's chocolate is that I'm able to satisfy my sweet tooth while actually nourishing my body (instead of indulging in damaging, unhealthy habits). I feel great instead of guilty! Energetic, whole, empowered." -Charity