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***SUMMER NOTE: If you live in a high-heat location (80F or above), please consider waiting to order chocolate until it cools down a bit (September) in order to avoid melted and/or bloomed chocolate. In the meantime, please sign up for our newsletter below and we'll notify you of store-front locations in your area. Much gratitude!***

Ignite your senses and open up to more love. Cacao alone is a heart-opening food that allows us to sink deeper into our emotions and deepest desires. We add goji & schizandra berry due to their bliss-inducing and vitality properties. Goji berries are used in Chinese Medicine to improve strength and performance on all levels of life, also known as the “happy berry”. Schizandra berry also has a great rep in Chinese medicine, it is known to increase blood circulation, purify/detoxify, increase sexual energy, and support the mind. The combination of these two herbs/fruits is the perfect recipe for increased sensuality and overall pleasure! 

Addition of cardamom and cinnamon spices makes for an extra spicy and happy experience. 


Unroasted Cacao*, Cacao Butter* Coconut Sugar*, Goji Berry Extract^, Schizandra Berry Extract^, Lucuma*, Cardamom*, Cinnamon*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt


^100% Pure, Non-GMO

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